Dear My Peeps, I did all that I could to keep this from happening…

So my Peeps who didn’t do enough, did nothing, or actively worked to malign the old White Lady who was the only person that could save us from ourselves, listen to what you need to do now:



Speaking of that 2016 Election; please note that if you advocated for Sec. Hillary Clinton, and/or donated to her, and/or voted for her, and you believe you did the best that you could, then you may now rest.  Know that since you worked hard, the awful results aren’t your fault! Unfortunately, you now get to watch your worst nightmares unfold.  You know, the ones you kept telling all of those hard heads would happen, if they didn’t roll up their sleeves.

As for those who got hung up on the Super predator Hillary bullsht, or that crime bill that Bernie-the-White-Savior voted for, or the boring Wall Street speeches read out loud by media whores for Wikileaks ;  I feel ya!   But if  you chose to follow  the “Bernie or Bust” folks like Cornell West, Nina what’s her face, Susan I’ve-got-a-movie-contract-so-I’ll-be-just-fine Sarandon, an’ the rest of that crew… YO, y’all got punked! 

If your friends told you it didn’t matter who won, than you’ve got some dumb-ass friends, cause even Radical Angela Davis urged you to vote for Hillary!  Angela, ya know, the real-life radical (not pretending cause it’s chic).  She must have had an inkling that this was an important election;  certainly more important than chasing Pokemon or talking sht on Facebook! However, If you still  decided not to vote in order to send a “message” to the establishment; so sorry-the new establishment didn’t hear a damn thing you said; but they say “thank you”! 

Perhaps you didn’t vote due to having better things to do, or you just weren’t excited enough to vote for the boring White lady cause she wasn’t Barack Obama.  Well enjoy the upcoming world that you helped create! You know, the one where Barack Obama’s legacy will be systematically  erased.

So now you’re mad as hell, and wondering if there will be a revolution? The answer is I tend to doubt it.  But my question to you is, if there is one, will you be willing to die in it? Let me guess–you doubt it?

As a result of your inaction, many of your brothers and sisters will be going to private prisons, enriching the 1%, and possibly used as labor to build Trump’s Wall.  That is, of course, if they aren’t killed first in some unexplained way. I’m sure that you are aware that many poor people, those you pretended to care about, will no longer have food stamps to feed their kids, or preventive healthcare to keep them from dying early. Young children will have their dignity assaulted and their safety placed in jeopardy.  Many will never climb out of the circumstances they were born into through no fault of their own, because For them the American Dream IS DOA.

So my Peeps who didn’t do enough, did nothing, or actively worked to malign the old White Lady who was the only person who could save us from ourselves, listen to what you need to do now:  Kiss and hug your beautiful kids and/or your adult loved ones, and right before you close your eyes at night, understand this; not only did you make a difference in affecting the lives of millions in the worse of ways, but you get to watch it all from your mighty righteous perch. Enjoy the fruits of your self-indulgence! You’ve earned it! By golly, you won! But, but, maybe you’ll vote in those boring  2018 midterm elections?  Maybe you will, if in the next two years, you’re personally negatively affected… otherwise, I tend to doubt it.



Popular Winds Are Blowing Against Trump As Democrats Are Viewed More Favorably Than GOP — Politicus USA

A new Gallup poll found that Americans have a more favorable view of Democrats than they do of Republicans after Donald Trump won the White House.

via Popular Winds Are Blowing Against Trump As Democrats Are Viewed More Favorably Than GOP — Politicus USA



Essentially, what we witnessed on Election Day 2016 in the U.S.A. was a bloodless coup with many players involved. They include the FBI, the Corporate Media,  and most importantly, Russian hackers. The election of Donald Trump has sparked fears in many Americans;  who voted for Hillary Clinton in the majority. Their rightful angst has been focused inward by way of domestic policy changes promised by Trump. But when trying to understand why Russia would want to tinker the US election, we must look outward to international politics. We must not forget that a President has much more power on International affairs, and need not be encumbered by Congress.

Russia’s interest in the US elections, are for the same reason Putin cheered the results of the Br-exit vote. Putin is working to gain influence over the larger Western powers, which traditionally have supported the EU and NATO. He calculates that if both EU and NATO could be weakened and made to crumble, Putin would then be freed of EU imposed Sanctions against Russia. As a two-fer, with NATO neutered, Putin could easily pick up the pieces of the territories that were part of the former Soviet Union. Further, Russia is currently working on weakening France by funding the Extreme Right Wing group led by Marine Le Pen. There is also the claim that Russian Hackers have already attempted to affect Germany’s upcoming August 2017 general election for German Chancellor; who is currently Angela Murkel. Germany’s economy is the largest in the EU.

What comes next? Say that the EU is rendered irrelevant as an economy, and NATO is made harmless as a point of defense. Free of sanctions and threats from any powerful rivals, Russia then begins asserting itself into the affairs of Eastern Europe, and expands what has already occurred in Ukraine and Crimea.

Next, Trump tears up the agreement the US has with Iran, which he has threatened to do. Iran recommences its quest for Nuclear power. With Trump as President, there would no longer be interference coming from the Americans who are now Russia’s new Allies.  Furthermore, Russia currently gets along quite well with Iran. The Iran development would be regarded as threatening to Israel, who would then believe that it would have to prepare some sort of retaliation against Iran. Israel’s problem would be that they could no longer be certain of US protection (Trump has alluded to this).

In this scenario of destabilization of our international current world order, we see how it could lead to uncharted territories for the world in its entirety. It can’t be said often enough, elections have unintended consequences, or in this case, intended. It is one example of what could realistically happen, and should be deeply concerning to everyone; even Trump voters.

Looking Forward without Moving On

What we pissed off liberals need to do instead of blaming each other as to why 2016 was lost,  is to start on Midterm Election 2018 Right Fcking now! Again… 2018 Right Fcking now! Make it into a bumper sticker and embrace it hard!  We need to get informed, involved, passionate, but more than that, we need to be as relentless as the GOP supporters were throughout the 2016 election.

If we need to hire Internet trolls from England and Canada to fight off the Russian trolls, then let’s get it done.  If we need to dog out the media en masse day in, day out and threaten them by phone, by twitter, by email,  when they aren’t telling OUR truth as far as we are concerned, then so be it. In other words, WE are gonna need to be gangsters out to kick ass without remorse if we are to get our government back from the clutches of the Russians, Benedict Donald and his creepy ruthless crew.  So yes , we need to be Bernie Bros XXL 2.0!