Essentially, what we witnessed on Election Day 2016 in the U.S.A. was a bloodless coup with many players involved. They include the FBI, the Corporate Media,  and most importantly, Russian hackers. The election of Donald Trump has sparked fears in many Americans;  who voted for Hillary Clinton in the majority. Their rightful angst has been focused inward by way of domestic policy changes promised by Trump. But when trying to understand why Russia would want to tinker the US election, we must look outward to international politics. We must not forget that a President has much more power on International affairs, and need not be encumbered by Congress.

Russia’s interest in the US elections, are for the same reason Putin cheered the results of the Br-exit vote. Putin is working to gain influence over the larger Western powers, which traditionally have supported the EU and NATO. He calculates that if both EU and NATO could be weakened and made to crumble, Putin would then be freed of EU imposed Sanctions against Russia. As a two-fer, with NATO neutered, Putin could easily pick up the pieces of the territories that were part of the former Soviet Union. Further, Russia is currently working on weakening France by funding the Extreme Right Wing group led by Marine Le Pen. There is also the claim that Russian Hackers have already attempted to affect Germany’s upcoming August 2017 general election for German Chancellor; who is currently Angela Murkel. Germany’s economy is the largest in the EU.

What comes next? Say that the EU is rendered irrelevant as an economy, and NATO is made harmless as a point of defense. Free of sanctions and threats from any powerful rivals, Russia then begins asserting itself into the affairs of Eastern Europe, and expands what has already occurred in Ukraine and Crimea.

Next, Trump tears up the agreement the US has with Iran, which he has threatened to do. Iran recommences its quest for Nuclear power. With Trump as President, there would no longer be interference coming from the Americans who are now Russia’s new Allies.  Furthermore, Russia currently gets along quite well with Iran. The Iran development would be regarded as threatening to Israel, who would then believe that it would have to prepare some sort of retaliation against Iran. Israel’s problem would be that they could no longer be certain of US protection (Trump has alluded to this).

In this scenario of destabilization of our international current world order, we see how it could lead to uncharted territories for the world in its entirety. It can’t be said often enough, elections have unintended consequences, or in this case, intended. It is one example of what could realistically happen, and should be deeply concerning to everyone; even Trump voters.


Author: We Are Not OK

We have to work together to WIN!

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