Looking Forward without Moving On

What we pissed off liberals need to do instead of blaming each other as to why 2016 was lost,  is to start on Midterm Election 2018 Right Fcking now! Again… 2018 Right Fcking now! Make it into a bumper sticker and embrace it hard!  We need to get informed, involved, passionate, but more than that, we need to be as relentless as the GOP supporters were throughout the 2016 election.

If we need to hire Internet trolls from England and Canada to fight off the Russian trolls, then let’s get it done.  If we need to dog out the media en masse day in, day out and threaten them by phone, by twitter, by email,  when they aren’t telling OUR truth as far as we are concerned, then so be it. In other words, WE are gonna need to be gangsters out to kick ass without remorse if we are to get our government back from the clutches of the Russians, Benedict Donald and his creepy ruthless crew.  So yes , we need to be Bernie Bros XXL 2.0!


Author: We Are Not OK

We have to work together to WIN!

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